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  "The Year We Make Contact" / New video installation in group exhibition  

"Weird Science"
Kunsthalle Projects (Front Street Galleries Suite 212, in Dumbo) | Map
Saturday April 26th – Saturday May 31st
Opening reception: Saturday April 26th 6pm – 9pm

Blake Carrington
Thomas Dexter
Heather-Dewey Hagborg
Kysa Johnson
Hannah Mishin
Jeffrey Thompson
Leah Wolff

"Weird Science" feature artists whose work draws from scientific theories or practices, misuses science towards artistic ends, or create their own "form" of science in their work. Curated by Julie McKim, Daniel Kingery, Wyatt Nash, Erik Hougen.

The Year We Make Contact is the latest in my body of work exploring subjective image space and hybrid systems aesthetics. Drawing on our impulse for pattern recognition -- considering Rorshach inkblot imagery, Virgin Mary water stains, and poltergeists hidden within white noise among other examples -- the imagery in The Year We Make Contact oscillates between the quasi-recognizable forms of landscape, atmosphere, architecture, figure and cosmos. The ever-shifting flow of images are not shot, made or captured; they coalesce within the invented system.

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